28.Aug 2016
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Portada Human Rights Honduras tops world list of journalists killed

Honduras tops world list of journalists killed

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The website of the Committee for Protection of Journalists published the names of the journalists killed in Honduras. In 2010 alone, the Central American nation already has three journalists killed with a confirmed motive. This ranks Honduras third highest among all nations in the world in the amount of journalists killed with a motive confirmed, behind only Pakistan (6) and Iraq (4).  

In addition to the three confirmed cases, Honduras also has five other reported killings of journalists  but without a confirmed motive. For their part Pakistan and Iraq have zero, and three respectively.  Therefore, even though Iraq and Pakistan appear with more journalist confirmed, Honduras is the most deadly country to work in the media if all reported deaths are counted. The gravity of the situation is accentuated when you look at the killings per capita. Accordingly, Pakistan has a population of  roughly 184 million, Iraq of 30 million and Honduras of 8 million. Thus Honduras has a murder rate of journalists to the general population that is over twenty times that of Pakistan.

The danger of being a reporter in Honduras is a relatively new phenomena. To put things in perspective, before the coup Honduras had only two killings with a confirmed motive in 17 years, and two with an unconfirmed motive in seven.

Comments from international media on Human Rights in Honduras

Today the IPS (Inter Press Service) and Prensa Latina both published articles on the ongoing Human Rights abuses in Honduras. The worst crisis of Human Rights in Central America in the last two decades is particularly affecting the communication sector. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concern this week in that respect.

The PL added that “this year alone 10 journalists have been murdered from various media outlets and  regions of the country, while others have had to escape Honduras due to very serious death threats. The press has been one of the most affected by the rupture of institutional order with more than 300 attacks (since the coup), ranging from insults, abuses and killings to intimidation, censorship and the closure of media outlets.”

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